Since, September, 1, tutorials ("otrabotka") have been held every monday 13 a.m. - 16 p.m. Please phone +375-152-68-71-13, (or +375-152-53-23-91) to get information about the base and teacher on duty.

The Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics and Immunology is a structural unit of Faculty of Medical Diagnostics. The Department is located at Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital and Grodno City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Care. It consists of 8 training rooms, laboratory (computer class) and 3 laboratory diagnostics rooms.

The Students of Faculty for International Students study the following two disciplines: Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics (36 academic hours, 1 credit units) for the 6th year students, (46 academic hours, 1 credit units), Clinical Immunology and Allergology (64 academic hours, 1,5 credit units) for the 5th year students, elective course Modern Aspects of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics (46 academic hours, 1 credit units) for the 6th year students.

According curriculum test questions are compiled, which are used in current knowledge control and during offset. Guidelines and information block for students are prepared which include control questions and questions for guided independent work of students.

Electronic educational-methodical complexes on disciplines are developed and placed in the e-learning system (


Rules and regulations for students

Students are requested to come at list 5 minutes before classes to the laboratory assistant of the Department, to take the key of their classroom and prepare for classes. Students are expected to show up for a class on time. Being late is forbidden and equal to missing classes.

Students are expected to be dressed in clean dress and shoes. Students should have medical uniform (white lab coat, second pair of shoe covers.

No personal mobile phones are allowed in class. No sending messages are allowed.

Students are expected to keep their classroom clean and all equipment serviceable.