Questions Names Office room Phone
Information about the admission Shumskaya Tatiana, Head of the Department The department of International Affairs, Room 123 +375-152-446812
Educational questions Aleksander Stenko, The Dean
Liudmila Hushchyna, The Vice-Dean

The dean’s office of Foreign Students, room 231, 233

Hostel questions

Bahdanovich, Ihar, vice-rector for academic affairs

Barsiak Anatoly, the Head of Students’ Dormitory

Kozlovskaya Natalya,Hostel commendant

room 224


19 BLK Str. (hostel No 2)





Visa questions Evets Olga Nikolayevna, the senior Officer The dean’s office of Foreign Students, room 233 +375-152-446824

Documents to be submitted for the first year of study:

  • Application form for admission
  • General Certificate of Secondary Education including the list of the subjects studied and the marks (grades) obtained. The marks (grades) in the following subjects are obligatory: biology, chemistry, physics;
  • Health state certificate and Certificate indicating the absence of HIV infections, issued by the state public health authorities of the applicant’s country;
  • Medical certificate issued by the local public health authorities of the Republic of Belarus (after passing an obligatory medical check-up under the university assignment);
  • The Copy of Birth Certificate, notarized in accordance with the established procedure;
  • 6 photos (3 x 4 сm);
  • The document, which proves applicant’s identity is shown personally by the applicant.

Notarized translation of the documents into Russian, or Belarusian must be attached to the documents mentioned above.
Upon admission international students are interviewed in the following subjects: English, Biology and Chemistry. This is a link to information about interview topics.