University Structure Departments Department of Pediatrics I

Research activity is grouped into two main themes at Department of Pediatrics I.

Ongoing Research Themes

«Clinical and instrumental, laboratory, molecular genetics and endothelial prognostic signs of somatic diseases in children at the present stage» (2021-2025). Supervisor: Prof. Maximovich N. A., Head of the Department of Pediatrics I.


Current PhD topics

  1. «Effect of endothelial dysfunction on pathogenesis, clinical signs and diagnosis of pneumonia in children». Supervisor: Prof. Maximovich N.A.; PhD student: Parfenava I.V.
  2. «Molecular genetics and endothelial factors in the development of arterial hypertension in male children». Supervisor: Prof. Maximovich N.A.; PhD student: Luksha A.V.
  3. «Disorders of oral tolerance formation in children: immune and genetic predictors». Senior consultant: Prof. Lyalikau S.A.; Ph.D., Associate professor: Tsikhan N.M.


Academic staff of Department of Pediatrics I attends conferences on a regular basis, take part in training to be up-to-date in research areas as well as publishes papers in scientific journals.