Research activity is grouped into two main themes at Department of Pediatrics I.

Ongoing Research Themes

  1. Assessment of the significance of controllable and uncontrollable risk factors in the early diagnosis and treatment of somatic pathology in children in modern living conditions (Supervisor: Prof. Maximovich N. A., Head of the Department of Pediatrics I.
  2. Development of a method of pathogenetic treatment of community acquired pneumonia in children with impairments in the L-arginine-NO system. (Principal Investigator: Prof. Maximovich N. A., Investigator: Parfenava I.V.). Financed with grant of the state program «Mother and Child Health is a basis of wellbeing of society».

Current PhD topics

  1. Effect of endothelial dysfunction on pathogenesis, clinical signs and diagnosis of pneumonia in children. Supervisor: Prof. Maximovich N.A.; PhD student: Parfenava I.V.
  2. Prognosis and prevention of life-threatening arrhythmias in children with minor heart anomalies. Supervisor: Prof. Lyalikau S.A.; PhD student: Tomchyk N.V.

Academic staff of Department of Pediatrics I attends conferences on a regular basis, take part in training to be up-to-date in research areas as well as publishes papers in scientific journals.

Recently published main papers (2010-2018)