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Department of Dermatovenerology

Address: 230025, Grodno, Budennogo str., 2 (2 floor)

Phone: +375152620219

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Head of the Department - Assoc. Prof. Khvorik, Dzmitry Fiodaravich



The Department provides higher education training on the discipline "Dermatovenerology" in specialties: “General Medicine” 1-79 01 01, “Pediatrics” 1-79 01 02, “Mental Health” 1-79 01 05, “Medical Diagnostics” 1-79 01 04 and “Nursing” 1-79 01 06. Planning and distribution of educational, medical and research work is carried out in accordance with the standards approved by the orders of the Ministries of Education and Health of the Republic of Belarus and by the orders of the Rector of the University. Teaching of the discipline is carried out according to the curriculum developed on the basis of standard and basic programs, in specialties: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Medical Diagnostics and Nursing.


Scientific work

Main research areas are the definition of a hormonal imbalance in patients with chronic dermatoses, the study of trace element and vitamin metabolism status in patients with psoriasis, the development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract chlamydial etiology. 5 Ph.D. theses were defended. More than 800 scientific works were published, including 3 monographs. Four scientific-practical conference on topical issues of dermatology were organized and conducted. Published 4 Proceedings. A number of student research papers were awarded diplomas of the national competition.

Social work

Members of the department were awarded honorary signs "Excellent Health", diplomas regional and city executive committees of trade unions.
International co-operation is carried out with the Bialystok, Poznan, Gdansk Medical Academy (Poland).

The educational process

Organized teaching dermatology to medical, pediatric, medical, psychological, Faculty of Nursing and Department of Foreign Students. Trained more than 30 teaching aids, including two approved by the Ministry of Education of Belarus. Published 4 model training program.