University Structure Faculties Faculty of Pediatrics


The first group of subinternship pediatricians was organized at the Faculty of General Medicine in 1968. Only the 5th year students who had passed the examination in Pediatrics with excellent marks had the chance to take up a one-year Subinternship Course in Pediatrics.

In 1979 the Faculty of Pediatrics was established with one hundred 1st year students. In 1985 there were 85 first graduates of the Faculty.

According to the Curriculum the Pediatric Course of Studies lasted 4 years. The 3rd year students studied Introduction to Children Diseases. In the 4th year they were taught Pediatrics and in the 5th year – Pediatric Endocrinology, Hematology, Physiotherapy and Neonatology.

The first lecturer of the Faculty was Michail Petrovich Sheibak.

In 1987 a new course “Clinical Pharmacology” was introduced into the Curriculum, in 1993 – a course “Medical Genetics”.

Since 2008 the Faculty offers Subinternship Courses in Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Pediatric Gynecology, Pediatric Anesthesiology and Resuscitation.

The Department of Pediatrics II holds Training Clinical Conferences arranged by subinternship pediatricians. These conferences take advantage of high-level demonstration materials, thematic cases and advanced educational technologies. During the period of studies each student group takes part in up to 8-10 such conferences.

The former Deans of the Faculty

1979-1985 – Gennadi Iosifovich Voitechovski

1985-1997 – Michail Michailovich Pyatkevich

1997-1998 – Gennadi Grigoyevich Marmysh

1998-2004 – Konstantin Ustinovich Vilchuk

2004-2006 – Nelli Sergeyevna Paramonova

The former and present Vice-Deans of the Faculty:

Dmitri Alexandrovich Volchkevich, Assoc. Prof.

Sergei Vladimirovich Koleshko, Assoc. Prof.

The Faculty has the Faculty Council and Methodological Commission. The related departments are The Department of Pediatrics II (the Head is N. S. Paramonova) and The Department of Pediatric Surgery (the Head is V. I. Kovalchuk).

At the Faculty, there is a self-governing Student Council that arranges extra-curricular activities for the students and the Student Union.

Since the establishment of the Faculty over 2.200 pediatricians have graduated from the University, more than 170 of them were granted Honors Degree.

At present about 600 students study at the Faculty. One student of the Faculty is awarded Dubko Scholarship, three get University Council Scholarship, one gets F. Skariny Scholarship and one gets Presidential Scholarship.