General learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the students are supposed

to know:

- the basics  of  the Russian language in professional and everyday life;

to be able to:

perceive, process and produce educational and professional-based information in oral and written forms;

get involved in communication process;

make contact with someone and maintain professional and everyday life communication;

  • reply to the statements;
  • ask questions, clarify information, request something;
  • agree or disagree with something/someone;
  • express interest , doubt and confidence;
  • express understanding /misunderstanding;
  • argue, conclude, etc.;
  • compose written texts of reproductive and productive character.

 to posses:         

- experience of the Russian language usage in all types of communication:

  •  listening
  •  reading, 
  •  writing,
  •  speaking


 «Russian as a foreign language»

I year term

  1. Lexical and grammatical test.
  2. Reading of unfamiliar literary text. Write down 5 questions to the text.
  3. Topics:

- My friend

- My family

- My working day

- My day off

- Seasons and weather  (winter, spring)

- Seasons and weather  (summer, autumn)

- Sport

- Health

- New Year

- Holidays (Women’s Day)

II year term

  1. Lexical and grammatical test.
  2. Reading and retelling of unfamiliar literary text.
  3. Monologue. Topics:

- Grodno

- The Republic of Belarus

- Minsk

- My native country

- Grodno State Medical University

- Francysk Scorina

- My future profession

- Movement is life

III year term

  1. Lexical and grammatical test.
  2. Reading and retelling of unfamiliar literary text.
  3. Dialog «Doctor – patient» (make up the doctor’s questions to the patient’s answers).
  4. Monologue. Topics:

 - How do you feel?

- Foreign language in my life.

- Description of my friend.

- Topical problems of  modern medicine

- Humans and nature

- Culture and traditions of my country

- Quality of doctor

- Internet in our life

- What is beautiful in my life?

 - Why do we do good deeds?