University Structure Faculties Medical Faculty for International Students

Educational process of all foreign students at the Faculty is carried out in accordance with the standards of university medical education needed for studying the course of "General Medicine". The basis of the training system of a modern highly qualified doctor is a combination of educational and scientific processes that are carried out by the Dean of the Faculty for International Students together with the all teaching staff of the Faculty. There are 44 departments of the university where students learn 98 subjects. Teaching of Russian-speaking students is carried out by the entire faculty of the university. There are about 200 teachers who have completed English courses and are certified in English and are now teaching English-speaking students. 60% of them obtain scientific degrees.

Students of the Faculty at Regional Clinical Hospital

Students of the Faculty at local Laboratory for practical training

Students of the Faculty taking state exams

Discussing issues of the Faculty

Students meeting with the Dean

Students of the Faculty together with Belarusian students at class

Leaders of national units and group leaders