The following subjects are taught at the department:

"Fundamentals of medical care", "First Aid", "Fundamentals of patients care", "Propedeutics of children diseases", "Pediatrics" for 4-6 courses pediatric students", "Clinical Pathological Physiology", "Pediatrics" for students of 4-5 courses, "Clinical immunology and allergology", "Polyclinic pediatrics", "Clinical pharmacology", "Oncology (including oncohematology)", "Pediatrics (including neonatology)" for the 6th course students of the pediatric faculty group of pediatric anesthesiologists and pediatric surgeons and for the 6th course of internists faculty groups on Obstetrics and Gynecology.

There are elective courses: "Medical genetics", "Allergic diseases in pediatrics", "Emergency conditions in pediatrics."

Students can also improve their knowledge of pediatrics in elective courses. OPTIONAL COURSES - "ECG diagnostics in pediatrics", "Clinical examination of a child", "Diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases in children", "Clinical examination of a sick child", "Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of congenital and hereditary diseases in children", "Electrocardiography in children", "Premature babies", "Modern rational pharmacotherapy of pediatric diseases".