University Structure Faculties

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The faculty implements educational programs for additional adult education: advanced training and retraining of specialists with higher education in the field of healthcare, internships for specialists with higher medical education.

Currently, the faculty provides advanced training at 24 departments. 59 educational programs for advanced training are implemented.Retraining of managers and specialists with higher education is carried out in the following specialties:

• 1-81 02 60 "Ultrasound diagnostic"

• 1-81 02 64 "Functional diagnostics medicine"

• 1-81 02 73 "Healthcare management"

• 1-81 02 78 "General practice"

• 1-81 02 42 "X-ray diagnostics"

Within the faculty there are:

• Branch of the Department of General Surgery (Brest Regional Clinical Hospital)

• Branch of the Department of Public Health (Ostrovets Regional Clinical Hospital)

Educational advanced training programs include both traditional forms of classes and trainings using modern technical tools and distance technologies.