The official decision to establish the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine was made in March 1993.In the same year the first students for the Faculty were enrolled. There was one Dean PetkevichМ.М. who headed three faculties: the Faculty of Pediatrics, the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine and the Department of Graduate Nurses. Since March 1997 the Faculty was headed by G.G. Marmysh, since May 1998 – K.U. Vilchuk.

Starting from the 1st of April 1998 the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine has been functioning as an independent faculty with the first Faculty Dean Shamova Tatiana Mikhailovna.

Within the period from 2006 to 2010 the Faculty was headed by Karpiuk Valentina Alekseevna. Starting from 2010 till now Professor Shamova Tatiana Mikhailovna has been responsible for the work of the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine.

Through out the whole period of functioning of the Faculty the regulatory and educational basisof the specialty “Medical Psychology” has been created.
As many as 1039 physicians have been trained at the Faculty, 82 graduates were awarded Diplomas with honours. About 25% graduates of the Faculty work as Heads of organizational departments of psychiatric and addiction medicine health care institutions.

AtpresenttheFacultyofMentalHealthMedicineintegratessevendepartments: the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy, the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy, the Department of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, the Department of Internal Medicine II, the Department of Surgery II. The Faculty Department employs 74 university teachers. Of them are 10 Doctors of Sciences (including 8 Professors); Candidates of Sciences – 33 (including 19 Assistant Professors).

The Faculty provides training in the specialty 1- 79 01 05 “Medical Psychology”. The graduates are qualified as physicians; on completion of the internship course they receive the qualification of a physician and addiction psychiatrist, physician and psychotherapist, or physician and neurologist.