University Structure Faculties Faculty of Mental Health Medicine


The initiator of the creation of the faculty with a psychological bias was a man of advanced views, the first vice-rector of the Grodno State Medical Institute, Vladimir Semenovich Vasilyev.

In April 1993, it was decided to organize the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine. In the same year, the first set of students was carried out. Mikhail Mikhailovich Petkevich simultaneously headed the pediatric, medical and psychological faculties and the department of nurses with higher education. Since October 1997, the head of the faculty was Gennady Grigoryevich Marmysh, and since May 1998 – Konstantin Ustinovich Vilchuk.

Since September 1, 1998, by the order of the rector of the Institute, an independent Faculty of Mental Health Medicine has been organized, and Tatyana Mikhailovna Shamova has been appointed the first dean.

Tatiana Mikhailovna is the scientist, doctor and teacher, with enthusiasm and soul approached the organization of educational and methodological work at the faculty.

Graduates of the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine from different years speak warmly about their relationship with Dean Shamova T. M., they are happy to meet at the meeting evenings, share their achievements and moments from life.

From 2006 to 2010, the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine was headed by Associate Professor Valentina Alekseevna Karpyuk. Valentina Alekseevna took a serious approach to the formation of the personnel of the departments of the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine, the development and promotion of educational support for the activities of the faculty. Karpyuk V. A. headed the service of psychotherapeutic assistance in the Grodno region, made a huge contribution to the organization of postgraduate education of psychotherapists and psychiatrists-narcologists.

From 2010 to 2019, Professor Tatyana Mikhailovna Shamova worked as a dean. The Faculty celebrated its 20th and 25th anniversary, graduates from different years met, and scientific and practical conferences were held.

For 25 years, the faculty has trained 1039 doctors, 82 graduates received a diploma with honors.

In 2020, Associate Professor Svetlana Leonidovna Boyko, a graduate of the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine, was appointed Dean.

At the end of 2020, the state accreditation for the specialty 1-79 01 05 “Mental Health Medicine” was confirmed.

About 25% of graduates of the faculty are heads of structural divisions of psychiatric and narcological health care institutions.

The Faculty of Mental Health Medicine consists of 7 departments: Psychology and Pedagogy, Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Narcology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Medical Rehabilitation, the 2nd Department of Internal Diseases, the 2nd Department of Surgical Diseases. The Departments of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Narcology are graduate departments.

The staff of the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine departments meets the requirements of the Regulations on the Establishment of Higher Education, approved by the resolution of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus of 01.08.2012 No. 93. The number of departments of the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine is 63.2%. The average age of the teaching staff at all departments of the faculty is 49 years, among doctors of science – 69 years, among candidates of science – 50 years.