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Training of medical professionals in Belarus has been carried out since 1776, when the Medical Academy was established in Grodno. And today, Grodno State Medical University, founded in 1958, is now one of the leading medical universities of the Republic of Belarus, where they train highly qualified professionals who obtain university diplomas. The educational institution “Grodno State Medical University” is the first medical university in the Republic of Belarus to introduce and certify “The Quality Management System” that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 in national (STB ISO 9001-2009) and German (DIN EN 9001-2008) systems.

According to the Webometrics rating published at the end of January 2016, Grodno State Medical University takes 5573rd place in the world rating of universities (out of 22000 higher educational institutions in the world), is in the TOP 500 best universities of the world according to the ranking of universities of the International Council of Scientists, and is in the list of the best universities of the CIS countries. In 2012, the University was accredited for being a scientific establishment. The website of the State Medical University library became the winner of "TopMed" competition among the website of medical libraries of the CIS.

In addition, our Almamater was awarded a governmental prize for achievements in quality of work and won the professional competition “Brand of the Year 2013” ​​in the nomination “Science and Education”. The University diplomas are recognized by the World Health Organization; by the Educational Board of medical graduates and Medical Councils of India, Lithuania, the USA. Graduates confirm their skills in England, Australia, Germany, India, Pakistan, Poland, Syria, the USA and in many other countries.

1992 was the year when foreign students began studying at the Grodno State Medical University with Russian as a medium of instruction for the first time. 16 first-year students enrolled at that time: 15 foreign nationals from Pakistan and 1 from Turkey.

In 1995 The Medical Faculty for International Students was established. Khotim Yevgeny Nikolaevich, Assoc. Prof, Ph.D had been at the head of the Faculty until 1998. From 2013 till now, the Dean of The Medical Faculty for International Students at the Grodno State Medical University is Alexander Alexandrovich Stenko, Assoc. Prof., PhD.

Gradually, the number of students at the Faculty increased, and in 2000 it amounted to 254 students. In 2003, 1st, 2nd and 3rd year foreign students were taught subjects with English as a medium of instruction. It was made so because of the students from India, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka, where English is the state language. Starting from the 4th year of studies, students were in the Russian-language learning environment, that is, teaching was actually bilingual. Since 2007, the number of foreign citizens at the University has increased to 310. And this is when The Medical Faculty for International Students, where students are trained to major in General Medicine, started functioning, and the Faculty’s name most fully reveals the full range of services offered to foreign students. One of the significant dates in the history of the Faculty is year 2008, when teaching in English was introduced to all years’ students. However, despite those changes, Russian as a foreign language remains compulsory from the 1st to the 4th year of studies, in order to ensure free contact with patients in clinics and understanding medical documentation. The transition to the bilingual education system (Russian or English) subsequently facilitated rise in quantity of foreign citizens from English-speaking countries (Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, etc.). In 2012, the Council of The Medical Faculty for International Students was established.

During functioning of the Faculty (department), the vice deans also contributed to its history. Today the acting Vice Deans are Gushchyna Liudmila Nikolaevna, Assoc. Prof., PhD and Lemiasheuskaya Zoya Petrovna, Assoc. Prof., PhD. And the Sub-Dean for extra-curriculum activities is Mishonkova Nadezhda Alekseevna.

The first ever to-be-graduates students received their diplomas in 1998. Then 28 students from Pakistan, Syria, and Lebanon received diplomas with the qualification of physician and the title of Doctor of Medicine. Over the entire period of functioning of the Faculty, more than 1313 professionals have been trained for work in foreign countries, 48 of them have received honored diplomas:



  1. Bazzal Ibrahim Hussein – 1999 (Lebanon)
  2. Kaheel Ahmad – 1999 (Lebanon)
  3. Muhtar Ahmad Gulan Muhammad – 1999 (Pakistan)
  4. Al-Atrash Fadi Ibrahim– 2000 (Lebanon)
  5. Nidal Abdul Ahmad – 2000 (Lebanon)
  6. Haballah Hussein Mustapha – 2000 год (Lebanon)
  7. Gizewska Agnieszka – 2001 (Poland)
  8. Shazada Aamir – 2003 (Pakistan)
  9. Modassar Tahir Awan – 2003 (Pakistan)
  10. Mohamad Hamshari – 2003 (Palestine)
  11. Mohammad Hamid-Chami – 2003 (Syria)
  12. Bartoszuk Anna – 2004 (Poland)
  13. Kuczewski Pawel – 2004 (Poland)
  14. Luqman Ahmed – 2004 (Pakistan)
  15. Osama A.A. Thalji – 2004 (Palestine)
  16. Troc Elzbieta – 2004 (Poland)
  17. Konstantinov Eduard – 2006 (Lithuania)
  18. Przybylska Anna – 2009 (Poland)
  19. Bandhooa Kavita – 2010 (Mauritus)
  20. Hanif Sadaf – 2015 (Pakistan)
  21. Olaniyan Oluwatobi Odunayo – 2017 (Nigeria)
  22. Khassan Kassem Mariya – 2017 (Lebanon)
  23. Ajughoro Oghenetega - 2018 (Nigeria)
  24. Parmar Sheetalben Yeshwantkumar – 2019 (India)
  25. Kerimova Sapartach – 2020 (Turkmenistan)
  26. Dimaku Ifunanya Concilia  – 2020 (Nigeria)
  27. Patel Jinalben Umeshchandra – 2020 (India)
  28. Obasi Chidiogo Jennifer – 2021 (Nigeria)
  29. Okunzuwa Iyayi Andy – 2021 (Nigeria)
  30. Limbani  Priyank Bharatbhai – 2021 (India)
  31. Ukpai Princess Chimezurum - 2021 (Nigeria)
  32. Orajekwe Uche Lilian – 2022 (Nigeria)
  33. Ejike Michael Emerie – 2022 (Nigeria)
  34. Folami Victor Ayomikun – 2022 (Nigeria)
  35. Mariyam Aalaa – 2022 (Maldives)
  36. Aishath Anaa Hifaz Luthufee – 2022 (Maldives)
  37. Hussein Abdikadir Hassan  – 2022 (Kenya)
  38. Ahmed Shabin Mohamed Shahid  – 2022 г (Maldives)
  39. Mallo Eunice Ishaku – 2022 (Nigeria)
  40. Fathimath Fahudha Sayd  – 2022 (Maldives)
  41. Joshi Helly Mayankkumar– 2022 (India)
  42. Alrabea Narjis Dawood Sheikh – 2023 (Iraq)
  43. Mariyam Shina Hussain – 2023 (Maldives)
  44. Ogedegbe Annabel Mamuyovwi – 2023 (Nigeria)
  45. Ismail Arif Ali – 2023 (Maldives)
  46. Senanayake Ruvini Tharushika – 2023 (Sri Lanka)
  47. Rawal Shubham Gautamkumar – 2023 (India)
  48. Aishath Suma – 2023 (Maldives)