The Department provides teaching the discipline (306 academic hours) which is composed of four separate sections (General Microbiology, Immunology, Medical Bacteriology and Virology) for five faculties including the Faculty for International students. Complete complex of educational materials: lecture course, multiple choice questions for training, teaching appliances for laboratory classes, etc. have been created at the Department for teaching of foreign students who are taught in English. The discipline is taught according to standard curricula and teaching programs. The computer software IREN has been implemented at the Department in 2015 for teaching of all students studying Microbiology, including English speaking International students

The knowledge of students is supervised weekly.

According to the Curriculum all second-year students have a credit during the summer session (IVth semester). The third-year students have to pass exam at the end of the course: in the Vth semester.

Year/ Semester

Academic hours

The form of control

Summer session

Winter session









Examination includes the next parts:

  • Examination computer-based assessment.
  • Answering computer-based situational tasks.
  • Answering oral questions.

Rules and regulations for students

  1. Students are supposed to attend all classes and lectures regularly and to arrive always in time.
  2. After their arrival to the Department students have to leave their outdoor clothing  in the cloak- room (no coats, jackets, hats  and other outdoor clothing are allowed during the classes), to wear clean white labcoats (should be buttoned up)  and to leave bags in special storage place in the class room.
  3. Each class lasts for three academic hours.
  4. There is one 15-minute break during every class. After the break students have to arrive back to the class in time.
  5. Schedules for classes may vary for different faculties, therefore students shouldn’t make noise during breaks. 
  6. Students are permitted to leave their class room (or a lecture hall) only after finishing the class, or after getting permission of their teacher.
  7. Students should follow the rules of safety techniques when working with microorganisms in the classroom.
  8. The students, who have missed a class (or a lecture), must obtain a Permit Note in the Dean office and make up the missed class (lecture) during tutorial time. Tutorials are provided at the Department according to the time-table.