University Structure Departments Department of Pathological Anatomy

The Department of Pathological Anatomy provides courses: “Pathological Anatomy” for 3rd-year students of General Medicine, Pediatrics, Mental Health Medicine, Medical Diagnostics faculties and Medical Faculty for International Students; “Pathology” for 2nd-year students of the Nursing Department of the Faculty of Medical Diagnostics ; “Biopsy-sectional course” for 6rd-year students of General Medicine, Pediatrics.

The Department offers an Optional Course "Methods of morphological study of main human diseases".

The purpose of the pathological anatomy course is:

- to provide students with knowledge about the structural foundations of diseases, their etiology and pathogenesis,

- to identify the most typical, characteristic changes at the macro- and microscopic levels 

- to use of the acquired knowledge in the work of a general practitioner.

At the end of the course, the student should know:

1. Basic concepts of pathological anatomy;

2. The essence of general pathological processes and diseases, their etiology, pathogenesis, morphology, significance for the body;

3. Pathomorphosis of diseases and diseases caused by the activity of a doctor (iatrogenic)

4. Terminology of general and private courses of pathological anatomy

5. The main tasks of the pathoanatomical service in the health care system and organizational and practical forms of solving these problems.


At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

1. Compare morphological and clinical manifestations of diseases at all stages of their development;

2. Based on morphological changes, diagnose or suspect a particular disease;

3. Based on the same signs, recognize the stage of the disease and make a judgment about the prognosis of the disease.


Rules for students:

1. Follow a dress-code: lab coat, medical mask, indoor shoes (shoe covers).

2. Keep quiet during the classes and breaks.

3. Have your mobile phones switched off.

5. Do not leave rubbish in the workplace.

6. Do not be late for classes.