University Structure Offices and units Educational & Methodological Department


  1. Organizing and coordinating educational and methodological work at the University.
  2. Enhancing the system of educational system management, organizing scientific methodological work.
  3. Developing and analyzing educational curricula and educational process schedules for Levels I and II of Education in different specialties.
  4. Scheduling lectures, classes and examinations.
  5. Monitoring educational process at the Departments, adherence to the schedules, proper condition of classrooms, laboratories, and other facilities and equipment.
  6. Allocating classrooms and lecture halls.
  7. Planning the number of lectures and classes for each department and staff capacity.
  8. Writing Students’ Academic Reports.
  9. Planning, organizing and monitoring Practical training for students and Master’s Degree students.
  10. Providing expert appraisal of curricula developed by the Departments.
  11. Introducing new syllabi into educational process and their redesigning.
  12. Developing and conducting surveys on different issues among the students.
  13. Designing Report Forms on educational process and monitoring educational documentation and reports at the Departments.
  14. Planning, organizing and holding methodological meetings, seminars and conferences.
  15. Planning and monitoring educational literature publishing at the University.
  16. Rating the Departments’ Academic Work and Lecturers’ Performance.
  17. Advising the staff in educational and methodological issues.
  18. Operating the Quality Management System.
  19. Informing the staff about advanced educational technologies and monitoring their introduction into practice.