University Structure Departments Department of Pathological Anatomy

Department of Pathological Anatomy was established in 1960 in the Grodno State Medical Institute. The first head was elected candidate of medical sciences, docent Ivan IvanovichLisunkin, an army pathologist and forensic expert at the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, who was wounded in the battles near Stalingrad and Belgorod, who came from the Samarkand Medical Institute, but soon after his health, departed from the department.

Since 1961 and for 30 years the department was headed by the candidate of medical sciences, and since 1965. doctor of medical sciences, professor Yuri Boiko, a graduate of the Leningrad school of pathologists. In 1991, the head of the department was a pupil of the Minsk School of Pathologists, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Nina FedorovnaSilyaeva. Since 2000 and up to the present time the department is headed by a graduate of the Grodno State Medical Institute, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Viktor AnatolyevichBasinsky.

The first assistant professor of the department and the head of the educational part from the day of foundation until 1998 was Lev AleksandrovichGorbachenko (Minsk school of pathologists), and then the students of the department VA Basinsky (1998-1999) and NI Prokopchik (1999г. - Until now).

The first assistants of the department Nina IgnatyevnaDenisyuk (pathologist of the Grodno regional hospital, graduate of the Minsk Medical Institute) and RomualZhukovsky (Smolensk school of pathologists) took an active part in the organization of the educational process.

In 1963. Candidate of Medical Sciences, VilenSamoylovichPeschansky, who graduated from the 2 nd Moscow Medical Institute named after M.Sc. Pirogov and the Evening University of Marxism and Leninism under the Astrakhan Group of the CPSU, who worked as a teacher of the Republican Medical School of the Turkmen SSR, a pathologist, a teacher at the Astrakhan Medical School. In 1972 he left to work in the Central Research Institute as a senior researcher.

In 1968-1976 years. Assistant of the Chair worked as Candidate of Medical Sciences Margarita SerafimovnaDruzhinina-Rybkina, former therapist, forensic expert and pathologist in the Latvian SSR. In 1976 she moved to the Central Research Institute as a senior researcher.

In the following years, assistants of NF Silyaeva, V.Z.Abakumov (Moscow School of Pathologists), D.V. Kurayshevich, N.I.Prokopchik, V.А.Basinsky performed educational, educational and parallel scientific work.

At the end of the nineties a new generation of pathologists, I. Ya.Lagodskaya, NA Kardash, NN Letunovsky, and later KM Butolina joined the collective of the department. Last years the department was joined by young scientists A.K. Grib, A.V.Shulga, V.S. Aleksinsky, E.V. Balitskaya, Т.Т.Shtabinskaya, E.V. Kononov.

For 20 years, BronislavaIvanovna Luther, the senior laboratory assistant, was awarded the medal "For Labor Valor". For 47 years he has been working and for about 30 years is a senior laboratory assistant of the department of ZofiaZigmundovnaShok. Marina VladimirovnaKirenya, a laboratory assistant, is also a veteran of the department. In different years, SM Kapkovich, EE Astapovich worked as laboratory assistants of the department, and in recent years they were joined by M.R. Zaitseva, G.N.Mukosei, A.Lisetskaya.

Initially, the department was located in the building of the laboratory building on the street. Oleg Koshevoy, 4. She had 2 study rooms, a macromuseum, a histology laboratory, a supervisor's and assistant professor's office, an assistant and a preparatory department, where the staff of the department prepared macro preparations for the educational process. The basis for teaching the subject was the principles and many years of experience of one of the oldest departments of pathological anatomy of the 1 st Leningrad Medical Institute. academician I.P. Pavlova. For educational process the material of projektures of Grodno was used. However, these bases, located outside the department, were not adapted for systematic studies with students. In this regard, it was necessary to take the initiative and considerable efforts, with the support of the Minister of Health of the BSSR, Professor I.I. I.Isarov, according to the individual project developed by the staff of the department, to build in 1962-1964. in the regional hospital, the pathoanatomical building, which housed the department and created the first united architecture of Grodno, which became the educational base of the department. In 1980-1988years  on the initiative of Professor BoykoYu.G. and with the active assistance of the head physician of the regional clinical hospital, the Honored Doctor of the BSSR M.P. Rovba, the pathoanatomical corps was reconstructed with the extension of the department and design area. In 1993 According to the order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, an educational, scientific and practical association was approved that included the Department of Pathological Anatomy and the Pathoanatomical Bureau, which helped to optimize the educational process and research work, improve the quality of training and work of pathoanatomists, and improve the efficiency of the pathoanatomical service