Research and innovation Scientific activities
  1. Elaboration of methods of diagnosis and treatment of myocardial infarction, heart rhythm disorders, chronic cardiac failure, arterial hypertension and other pathologies of cardiovascular system.
  2. Modern methods of diagnosis and surgical correction of the most common diseases of the liver, bile ducts and pancreas; consequences of cholestasis for adult and developing body.
  3. Elaboration of new techniques of reconstructive osteosynthesis with bone graft and metal implants and unipolar prosthesis with chondroprotective properties in managing patients with femoral neck fractures.
  4. Elaboration of methods of diagnosis and correction of placental insufficiency.
  5. Elaboration of methods of early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of somatic pathology in children under modern ecological conditions.
  6. Developing innovation technologies for diagnosis and treatment of liver damage of infectious and non-infectious origin.
  7. Current approaches to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of mental and behavioral disorders.
  8. Elaboration of modern methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of vascular and demyelinating disorders of the nervous system.
  9. Health assessment of population based on the data on social and hygienic monitoring of preventive measures on health improvement.
  10. Alcoholism and drug addiction: epidemiology, pathogenesis, prophylaxis and treatment.
  11. Elaboration of innovative import-substituting drugs with metabolic effects.
  12. Systemic mechanisms of oxygen blood transport and correction of hypoxic conditions.
  13. Development and employment of modern technologies of medical education