University Structure Departments Department of Medical Biology and General Genetics

Early research activities of the Academic Staff of the Department mainly focused on studying regularities of regeneration of skeletal muscles and epidermis.

In the last decade priority research area of the department has been studying of the internal homeostasis in relation to stress, aging and experimental obturative cholestasis.

The main research areas at the Department are:

• "Modulation of free radical processes in mitochondria of the brain, as a way of a neuropathology in relation to stress and aging".  The researchers received a Grant of the Belarusian Republican Fund of Basic Researches (BRFBR) of M17-MC-038 (the international cooperation) for the Joint research with Institute of biochemistry and pharmacology of NAN RB. (2017-2019).

• "Features of a post-natal morphogenesis in the offspring of rats exposed to adverse effects during pregnancy"

• "Molecular and genetic aspects of apoptosis processes in tissues of rats in dynamics of experimental extra hepatic obturative cholestasis"

• "Characteristic prooxidative and antioxidative processes in various organs and tissues of rats in dynamics of experimental extra-hepatic obturative cholestasis"

As a result of educational, methodological and scientific activities the staffs of the department have published 1 monograph, 2 manuals, and more than 400 scientific, educational and methodological articles. They also have received 15 patents for inventions. Over 30 training programs, 4 electronic educational and methodological complexes have been developed.

Students’ Scientific Society

Students of all faculties are involved into research activities at our Department and can gain research experience. They take part in meetings of the Students’ Scientific Society of the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics, participate in the Annual Spring Conference for students and young investigators. Our students participate in conferences not only in Belarus but also abroad. Every year students of our Students’ Scientific Society participate in the Republican Student Conference.

International cooperation

Close contacts are established with the Staff of the Department of Clinical Molecular Biology of the Bialystok Medical University, Institute of M. Sklodowska-Curie in Gliwice (Poland), and the Moscow Institute of Pathology.

The Academic Staff of the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics participate in international conferences and training.