The Clinical department is an independent structural unit of the educational institution "Grodno State Medical University", it is created, reorganized and liquidated by the order of the Rector of the University. The direct supervision of the work of the department is carried out by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

The main objectives of the clinical department:

  • improvement of theoretical knowledge and practical skills by graduates of the educational institution "Grodno State Medical University" in the amount necessary to carry out professional activities in the chosen specialty in accordance with the requirements of the educational standard of postgraduate professional education;
  • deepening professional knowledge, improving practical skills, mastering advanced medical technologies by medical specialists of healthcare institutions;
  • coordination and organizational and methodological support of medical and diagnostic work of the teaching staff of the clinical departments of the university:

                    a) at the main and additional clinical sites,

                    b) in polyclinic health care institutions in Grodno,

                    c) in health care organizations of Grodno and Brest regions (field organizational and methodological and medical advice on a planned and emergency basis);

  • coordination of the actions of the teaching staff of the clinical departments of the university with the health department of the Grodno and Brest regions to provide highly qualified assistance to the population;
  • introduction of scientific advances in the treatment and diagnostic process;
  • creation at clinical departments of the necessary conditions for high-quality teaching of students;
  • providing the necessary medical advice to students.


The main tasks of the clinical department:

  1. conducting current and final certification of internship doctors;
  2. training of qualified medical personnel in the specialties of clinical residency;
  3. organization of professional training of medical specialists for clinical residency programs;
  4. advanced training of practical doctors of health care institutions through their training in clinical residency;
  5. provision of organizational and methodological assistance to clinical departments of the university in the preparation of new programs for clinical residents and interns;
  6. control over the training of clinical residents at the departments of the university and the training of interns at the internship bases;
  7. organization, planning of admission and training of graduates of medical universities for internship and clinical residency programs within the framework of budgetary and extra-budgetary funding (on a contractual basis);
  8. organization of the work of the commission for the redistribution of university graduates


In accordance with the main tasks, the clinical department is assigned the following functions:

  1. organization of internship for graduates of higher medical educational institutions, giving them the right to engage in medical activities;
  2. organization of training of clinical residents in specialties according to the established list;
  3. organization of educational and methodological guidance and systematic control over the implementation of postgraduate education programs;
  4. development of organizational-methodological and educational-methodical documentation for the training of interns and clinical residents;
  5. analysis of the results of training in internship and clinical residency;
  6. making suggestions for improving training in internship and clinical residency;
  7. organization of accounting for the implementation of plans and programs for the preparation of clinical interns;
  8. registration of contracts for training in clinical residency on a paid basis;
  9. reporting and summarizing training in internship and clinical residency;
  10. organization of work on the redistribution of young specialists.