University Structure Departments Department of Public Health and Health Services

1961 – The Department of Health Care organization and History of Medicine was founded.

1966 – The Department of Social Hygiene and Health Care organization.

2001 - The Department Of Public Health Care.

The Founder of the Department was Brzhevski V.Ch., Doctor of Medicine, Professor, he was the Head of the Department for 20 years (1961-1982).

Since 1982 the Head of the Department was Kryuchok G.R., prominent scientist, historian of Medicine, Health Care organizer, Doctor of Medicine, Professor.

From  1987 to 2002 the Head of the Department was Birkos A.A., Candidate of Medical Sciences,  Assistant Professor. In 1993 году he was bestowed the title of Professor.

Over 6 years (2002-2005 and 2013-2016) the Head of the Department was Tischenko E.M., Doctor of Medicine, Professor.

During 2005-2013 the Department was headed by Zaborovski G. I.,Candidate of Medical Sciences,  Associate Professor.

From August, 22 2016 till present time the Head of Department is Surmach M.Yu., Doctor of Medicine, Assistant Professor.