University Structure Departments Department of Biochemistry

The Department of Biological Chemistry provides training for 2nd year students of the Faculty of General Medicine, the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine, the Faculty of Medical Diagnostics and the Medical Faculty for International Students on the subject “Biological Chemistry” (Terms III and IV, 348 academic hours). Classes for International students are conducted in English. The lecturers of the Department have developed the following study guides and manuals: Manual of Biochemistry, the Book of Test Assignments, Guidelines and Workbook for the Medical Faculty for International Students. According to the Curriculum all students have a final exam at the end of the academic year.

The Exam is composed of next parts:

  • pre-exam computer test
  • oral examination

Postgraduate education: Master’s studies, Speciality 1-31 80 11 Biochemistry, degree (according to the  field of science): Master of Science in Biology or Master of Science in Medicine

Rules and regulations for students

  1. Students are expected to attend all classes and lectures regularly and always come on time.
  2. Each class lasts for three academic hours. There is 1 break for 15 minutes during the class. Students are not allowed to be late for the class after a break.
  3. Students should be polite and first to greet the teachers of the Department and of other departments as well.
  4. In the Department classes may start at a different time. So that students must be respectful for other students and not make noise during breaks. 
  5. Students are allowed to leave a class room (or a lecture hall) only at the end of a class, or after permission of the teacher.
  6. During the class students should follow the Chemical safety rules and behave in a respectful manner toward the teacher and other students.
  7. The students, who have missed a class (or a lecture), must present a permit note from the dean`s office and make up the missed class (lecture). Tutorials are held every week according to the timetable.

 Students are required:

  • To leave their overcoats in the student cloak room;
  • To be appropriately dressed - dressing gown and shoes should be clean, tidy; students may be admitted to the class if their attire is deemed inappropriate by staff;
  • To wear relevant medical uniform. Without the uniform a student will not be admitted to the class;
  • To put away mobiles into a bag or pocket and to keep them on silent or off-mode; emergency calls to parents should be made only in the front entry area of the Department. 
  • To bring laboratory workbooks to each class, that are necessary for performing laboratory works.
  • A student on-duty is expected to prepare the blackboard for the class and clean it afterwards.