University Structure Departments Department of Surgical Diseases II

Area of research: wound and wound infection, herniology, phlebology, diabetic foot syndrome, polytrauma, external intestinal fistulas, laser technologies in surgery, stress urinary incontinence and genital prolapse in women, organ-preserving operations in the treatment of kidney tumors, minimally invasive technologies in the treatment of urological diseases.

Currently, the department carries out research work (R & D) under the programs "Modern dressings and methods in the treatment of surgical infection"(supervisor: prof. Smotrin S.M.), "The state of the urinary system in women with genital prolapse"(supervisor: prof. Nechiporenko N.A.), "Optimization of surgical treatment of inguinal hernias in the elderly with using methods of radiation visualization"(supervisor: prof. Smotrin S.M.),"Development of modern methods of diagnosis of urinary incontinence with tension and genital prolapse"(supervisor: prof. Nechiporenko N.A.).

For the last 5 years 2 Ph.D. theses have been defended, more than 200 scientific papers have been published, including 4 monographs, 5 manuals for student, 18 patents have been received, 53 rationalization proposals have been approved, and 3 instructions of the Ministry of Health have been prepared and approved.

«Innovative technologies in the treatment of wounds and wound infection» (supervisor: prof. Smotrin S.M.).