Grodno State Medical University (by the order of Ministry of Health of the Belorussian SSR №92 from May 23, 1991) started higher nursing training on terms of enrolment target (student enrolment planning -30 students). Only students with special medical education had the possibility to enter the established department.  The Heads of Graduated Nurses department were initially the deans of other faculties: 1991-1997 – M.M. Pyatkevich, 1997 – G.G. Marmysh, 1998 – K.U. Vakulchik. In 2000 the Faculty of Graduated Nurses was established (1998-2000 - Head of the department, 2000-2004 – Dean of the faculty K.M. Iodkovski, from 2005 – Dean E.M. Tishenko). The Faculty of Graduated Nurses was converted (by the order of Ministry of Health of Belarus №606 from June 16, 2007) to the Faculty of Medical Diagnostics with training of specialists in “Nursing” and “Medical Diagnostics”. The Faculty of Medical Diagnostics was established in 2008 (2008-2013 – Dean E.M. Tishenko, from 2013 – Dean E.S. Okolokulak). In 2010 the faculty was accredited.