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1994 - graduated with honors from the Grodno Medical School. Specialty - "Nurse".

1999 - graduated with honors from the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy of the Grodno State University by Ya. Kupala. Specialty - “Psychologist. The teacher of psychology. Educational psychologist of 1 category.

2008 – master degree in the specialty “General pedagogy. History of pedagogy and education. She defended her master's thesis on the topic: “Gender differences in adolescent communication as a means of preventing deviant behavior”. Master of Education.

2016 - graduated from graduate school at the Grodno State University. Y. Kupala in the specialty "Pedagogical Psychology". Researcher in the field of psychology.

2018 - defended his thesis "Minimization of secondary alexithymia of students in the educational process of institutions of higher medical education" (19.00.07 - pedagogical psychology).

1999–2006 - Teacher-psychologist in an educational institution.

2006-2008 - Teacher of the course of general psychology of the Department of Psychiatry.

2008-2014 - Lecturer, Department of Psychology and Pedagogy.

2014-present / in - Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology and Pedagogy.


She is the author of 35 publications (articles, theses) and co-author of 5 teaching aids ("Pedagogical Psychology", "Age Psychology", "Fundamentals of Psychology and Pedagogy", "Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher Education", "Preparation and defense of term papers").

She was awarded the Diploma of the Education Administration of the Grodno City Executive Committee (2002), the Certificate of Honor of the Education Department of the Grodno Administration (2004), the Letter of Gratitude from the educational institution “Grodno City Social-Pedagogical Center” (2006), the Certificate of Honor of the Grodno Administration District (2013), Diplomas of the Medical and Psychological Faculty of the Grodno State Medical University "The best curator-teacher of the academic group of the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine (2014, 2015), The Diploma of the Rector of Grodno State Medical University (2017), the Letter of thanks Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Council of Deputies (2018).