Information about the Faculty

The highest body for administering the Faculty is the Faculty Council. The Dean is responsible for the running of the Faculty.

Deans of the Faculty

G. I. Kirilyuk (1958-1962), N. I. Simorot (1962-1964), V. T. Paramei (1965-1966), G. A. Obukhov (1966-1977), G. E. Gaidyshev (1977-1987), I. P. Protasevich (1987-1990), V. M. Koltanyuk (1990-1997), V. V. Gubar (1997-2000). Since 2000 to date The Dean of the Faculty is Gennadiy Grigoryevich Marmysh.

Vice-deans of the Faculty are Igor Stanislavovich Dovnar, Alla Anatolyevna Maslovskaya, Andrei Viktorovich Boltach.

At present the number of students studying at the Faculty amounts to about 50 % of the total number of students at the University.

The 6th year students have a Subinternship Course in Therapy and Surgery. After graduation they can take up Post-graduate Doctoral Course and Clinical Residency.

There are 8 Scientific Schools supervised by the Faculty.

From 1964 to 2018 there have been 16836 graduates of the Faculty, 10% (1693 graduates) being granted Honors Degree.

The Faculty is proud of its graduates who hold authority posts in the Administration of the University, Departments and Health Care Institutions of the Republic of Belarus and countries of the near and far abroad.

The Faculty trains highly qualified specialists and takes an active part in research work.